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Excessive gambling is a disease

Many people enjoy the entertainment and excitement of visiting a Casino and playing gambling machines. However, for some people gambling loses its entertainment value and can become a serious problem.

By law the Casinos of Liechtenstein are obliged to offer preventive measures and take active measures against excessive gambling. Those measures are defined under the term “social concept”.

Preventing excessive gaming

The casino provides its customers with information on excessive gambling and how to prevent it. Through personal talks with their regular customers the casino encourages them to take measures that can prevent excessive gambling: set a limit, stop gambling in the right moment, leave the credit card at home.

In every Casino you can find a responsible person for gambling problems: the social concept manager and his deputy.

Detecting the signs of problematic gambling

When the visits of regular customers and the amount of time spent in a casino increases, it can be a first sign of problematic gambling.

Some people try to chase their losses through even more gambling. Such a behavior is called chasing and is another sign of problematic gambling.

Another sign of problematic gambling is the neglection of a person’s appearance.

What happens after reporting

The social concept manager evaluates the reported information thoroughly in order to prevent any problems right from the start.