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Player protection

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Risks of gambling

Our goals: to intervene as early as possible before gambling causes problems. To give you the means to stay responsible while playing and use our preventative offers.

Immediate help with gambling problems


Do you have a gambling problem? This test can help you to evaluate your gambling behavior.

Please answer each question spontaneously with “yes” or “no”. The evaluation will give you an indication of whether you should seek professional help or if you can maintain your gambling behavior.

    Question 1/10

    Do you often think about visiting a casino? (e.g. visiting a casino instead of working or doing your duties)

    Question 2/10

    Do you have the need to gamble with larger amounts of money or to spend more time in the casino?

    Question 3/10

    Did you feel restless or irritable after you tried to cut down on the amount or stopped gambling?

    Question 4/10

    Do you gamble because you want to escape personal problems (e.g. problems at work, relationship etc.)

    Question 5/10

    When you had a large gambling debt, did you continue to gamble in the hope of winning back your money?

    Question 6/10

    When you had a large gambling debt, did you continue to gamble in the hope of winning back your money?

    Question 7/10

    Have you often claimed to have won money gambling, when you actually lost money?

    Question 8/10

    Have you ever lost a significant relationship, a job, an educational or a career opportunity because of gambling?

    Question 9/10

    Have you asked people (from you family or circle of acquaintances) to lend you money because of your financial problems due to gambling?

    Question 10/10

    If you lose during the game and you can not afford it, do you have people in your immediate family or acquaintance who will help you materially out of necessity?

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a social concept?

    Many people enjoy the entertainment and excitement of visiting a Casino and playing gambling machines. However, for some people gambling loses its entertainment value and can become a serious problem.By law the Casinos of Liechtenstein are obliged to offer preventive measures and take active measures against excessive gambling. Those measures are defined under the term “social concept”.

    Where can I find the application form for a gambling suspension?

    How can I find counseling services?