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What type of player are you?

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The fun player


You come to the casino to have fun, to spend some time alone or with friends. Your gambling behavior does not cause you any problems financially, psychologically or professionally or with your family. You come to gamble with a certain amount that you never exceed even if you lose. You come for a certain period of time and don’t stay any longer. You know that in the long run the casino always wins. This is because the re-output rate i.e. the percentage that is paid back to the players in the long term is between 80 % and 97.5 %. You are aware that only if you are lucky, you leave the casino with more money than you had at the beginning. From your winnings you afford a good meal in a restaurant or use the money for something that has nothing to do with gambling. You are aware that winning against the casino is an illusion.

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The problematic gambler


You are gambling more than you can afford. The payment of your bills are one to three months behind schedule. You want to make up for your losses and start to get financial difficulties. Playing becomes stress and it’s no longer fun. The number of your casino visits suddenly increases drastically, you stay longer than usual and you go to the ATM to get money more than once. You are neglecting your family and social contacts. You don’t like to talk to your neighbors about your increasing difficulties and get easily irritable. You believe you have found a death-proof system that will allow you to win against the casino. The next day you will lose your winnings from the previous day. Get advice from our social concept manager.

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The pathological or compulsive player


As soon as you get any money you come to the casino and you stay there for a long time. You come before the casino opens or find it difficult to leave. You gamble to make up for losses, to pay off debts, or escape reality. To gamble is scaring, stressing and depressing for you. Even if you are intelligent and aware of your actions – you are not able anymore to gamble responsibly. Your condition will result in the loss of control of your gambling behavior. The sounds and lights, the atmosphere of the casino haunts you and become part of your private life. You lie to your family, you get into social isolation, you develop abstruse plans to get new money for gambling. Winnings are immediately lost again.

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